integrated launching campaign — Vans is an American based manufacturer of sneakers, BMX shoes, snowboarding boots, skateboarding and other shoe types catering primarily to the skateboarder, surfer, snowboarder youth market. They also sell apparel and accessories catering to this same youth market. Brief: the official launch of VANS products on the Romanian market. Idea: print


integrated campaign — Under the umbrella of Green Fest was held until now numerous large events with the participation of artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Linkin Park, Franz Ferdinand, events that have attracted hundreds thousands of spectators. Brief: create all advertising materials based on Tuborg’s brand line — Open for Fun, during the

Ines iptv

launching campaign — Ines Iptv was designed as a premium service, based on an outstanding quality of image and sound. The brief was conceived to promote the IPTV technology through the most important benefit, time shifting (the process of recording and storing data for later viewing, listening, or reading.) Client /Agency: Ines Telecom
 Art Director


packaging design and identity (limited edition) — The brief was slightly simply. The client wanted something bespoke, distinct, to suggest freshness but in the meantime very colourful. Client: Subcontracted Agency: Livingheads Art Director /Designer /Retoucher: Sebastian Tudor Year: 2009


awareness campaign — The purpose of The National Agency against Trafficking in Persons is to coordinate, evaluate and monitor, at the national level, the implementation of policies in the field of trafficking in persons by the public institutions, as well as those in the field of protection and assistance provided to its victims. 

First days in London

web design /digital — Starting with September 2010, I decided to change the code from (RO) to (GB). I arrived on 13 September in London and decided to create a different kind of design portfolio —First days in London. So, I “pointed” 30 projects in different London places visited in my first month. When you

In fata blocului

digital campaign — In Romania there is a program for thermal rehabilitation of blocks of flats (isolated with polystyrene blocks facades). The purpose of this website is to inform the tenants associations better before taking a decision regarding the supplier of polystyrene. Agency: Springer & Jacoby
 Art Director /Designer /Concept: Sebastian Tudor
 Year: 2013

Dulux /Akzo Nobel

awareness campaign — is an internationally available brand of paint produced by AkzoNobel. The brand name Dulux has been used by both ICI and DuPont since 1931 and was one of the first alkyd-based paints. My goal was to create the concept (“no colors, no fun”) and executions in order to create awareness to this


visual identity — Alvez is a company based in US whose main activity is to sell snowboards and sport accessories. The brief was to create all visual identity materials for this start-up business. Client: Alvez Agency: Greatmonday Art Director /Designer: Sebastian Tudor Year: 2009