integrated campaign

In September 2006 detergent maker Ariel launched Wash at 30 Degrees campaign in which they suggested that 1.6 billion kWh of electricity are wasted annually by running washing machines unnecessarily at 40 degrees. They claimed that with their cool clean technology, clothes would still be “brilliantly clean” when washed at 30 degrees.
Brief: communicate the benefit of the new introduced product — Ariel 30 degrees based on the brand line — “save energy” and this impact to climate change.
Solution: save energy = reduce cost = reduce co emissions = reduce global climate change. Why global warming and not only a simple equation like save energy=reduce cost? We tried to involve the target into a campaign based on responsibility to reduce the energy. Using the concept — “some things must remain as they were”, we proposed a series of print ads and online banners.

Art Director /Retoucher: Sebastian Tudor 

Copywriter: Valeria Durbala

Year: 2008